Check Weather with Arduino

In this video we will use an Arduino Yun (or leonardo with a wifi shield) to connect with the Yahoo Weather API and return the value of the local weather (whatever location you want!) as an integer to be used in whatever project you can dream up. We will go through a service called Temboo that makes communicating with many API's very easy.

You will need:

- Arduino Yun or an Arduino Leonardo and a WIFI Shield (BOTH will be considered a "YUN" board in the Arduino IDE).

- A USB cable.

- A 9V Battery

-and a 9V battery pack with barrel plug to power the Arduino Board and an on/off switch.

//Main Code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#include <Bridge.h>
#include <Temboo.h>
#include "TembooAccount.h" 

String ADDRESS_FOR_FORECAST = "*****"; //Enter zipcode for where you want to check the weather (or city,state)

int numRuns = 1;   // execution count, so that this doesn't run forever
int maxRuns = 10;  // max number of times the Yahoo WeatherByAddress Choreo should be run

void setup() {



void loop()
  // while we haven't reached the max number of runs...
  if (numRuns <= maxRuns) {
    // print status
    Serial.println("Running GetWeatherByAddress - Run #" + String(numRuns++) + "...");

    // create a TembooChoreo object to send a Choreo request to Temboo
    TembooChoreo GetWeatherByAddressChoreo;
    // invoke the Temboo client

    // add your temboo account info
    // set the name of the choreo we want to run
    // set choreo inputs; in this case, the address for which to retrieve weather data
    // the Temboo client provides standardized calls to 100+ cloud APIs
    GetWeatherByAddressChoreo.addInput("Address", ADDRESS_FOR_FORECAST);

    // add an output filter to extract the name of the city.
    GetWeatherByAddressChoreo.addOutputFilter("city", "/rss/channel/yweather:location/@city", "Response");
    // add an output filter to extract the current temperature
    GetWeatherByAddressChoreo.addOutputFilter("temperature", "/rss/channel/item/yweather:condition/@temp", "Response");

    // add an output filter to extract the date and time of the last report.
    GetWeatherByAddressChoreo.addOutputFilter("date", "/rss/channel/item/yweather:condition/@date", "Response");

    // run the choreo;
    // parse the results and print them to the serial monitor
    while(GetWeatherByAddressChoreo.available()) {
        // read the name of the next output item
        String name = GetWeatherByAddressChoreo.readStringUntil('\x1F');
        name.trim(); // use “trim” to get rid of newlines

        // read the value of the next output item
        String data = GetWeatherByAddressChoreo.readStringUntil('\x1E');
        data.trim(); // use “trim” to get rid of newlines

        while (name == "temperature") {
        int temp = data.toInt(); // THE GOOD STUFF (variable temp = temperature!!)
        Serial.println(temp); // Print the Temperature
    delay(10000); // wait 10 seconds between GetWeatherByAddress calls

//Header File

#define TEMBOO_ACCOUNT "*******"  // Your Temboo account name 
#define TEMBOO_APP_KEY_NAME "******"  // Your Temboo app key name
#define TEMBOO_APP_KEY "************************************"  // Your Temboo app key


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