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Check out the links below to get the .stl files for 3d printing, instructions, sketches, and parts list.

Flexible Design

Allows the addition of up to 5 servos for more degrees of freedom.

Room to Grow

As your knowledge grows, so can your robot, with extra room for new sensors, modules, or shields.

Open Source

Modify the files to customize your very own Wire Being.

Build me here.



and print the 3D files from thingiverse.


the neccessary parts and code from here.


the instructions to build from instructables.

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about me.

My name is Matthew and I attend the University of Pittsburgh. Currently I am a Senior, going for a bachelors in Information Science with a minor in computer science. I work as a food server when I am not at school, but would love something a little more technical, if anyone is hiring.

  • Pittsburgh, PA

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